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360 SOILSCAN Can Improve Your Farm’s Profitability


We believe the new technology being offered from 360 Yield Center can make a significant contribution to your profitability this coming year. The tools they have introduced allow you to maximize yields through three actions on your part – Sense, Decide, and Apply. We’re discussing each of these actions and tools over the next three days.

Action: SENSE

Real-time data is crucial to maximize yield. It is hard to know whether to add Nitrogen when you don’t have any idea how much is available for the plant in the soil. What is the soil saying? What is the plant saying?

Tool: 360 SOILSCAN

360 SOILSCAN is a portable soil lab system that gives you the ability to soil sample instantly throughout the season. Unlike most laboratories, which dry out the soil prior to testing, 360 SOILSCAN does not alter the soil–it mimics the environment that the crop is actually growing in, with the ultimate goal of creating a zone map for your field. 360 SOILSCAN measures the nitrogen that is immediately available in the soil, and soil nitrate analyses are available within minutes, showing you what the plant has to work with at that time. You can immediately see what is affecting yield and adjust the nutrient management plan in a more accurate and timely manner. 360 SOILSCAN is a great tool for in-season testing.

360 SOILSCAN currently tests for NO3, and 360 Yield Center is working on additional sensors for ammonium and potassium. After testing, load your results into 360 COMMANDER to analyze your N management recommendations. We’ll discuss 360 COMMANDER tomorrow on The Peterson Blog.

Our team is committed to educating growers about 360 Yield Center, and we continue to be dedicated to learning as 360 Yield Center and its products evolve. Call us to learn more.

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