It’s all about growth. Yours.

How did we become the region’s largest independent seed company in just 20 years? By focusing on your growth, not ours. That takes a relentless push for innovation and technology. That takes a rigorous testing program of more than 20,000 plots. And, above all, that takes a passionate team of agronomists committed to do everything we can to help you STAND TALL.

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Carl Peterson talks about the Peterson Farms Seed difference.

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Latest Updates

Y-drop Testing Shows Positive Impact in 2017 Yield

A few years ago, we started working on split-applying nitrogen during the growing season using the Y-drop system from 360 Yield Center. For a refresher on the Y-Drop system, check out this blog from 2015. In 2016, we had a phenomenal year for growers in … Read More

Never Underestimate the Impact of a Uniform Stand

“Well, there is always next year,” is a phrase that can be attributed to the ‘Corn Whisperer’, Mike Larson, in reference to his 2017 attempt at attaining 400-bushel corn as part of the “400 Bushel Project”. You may recall that last year, Mike and his … Read More

It's all about a powerful partnership.

It all started with a simple but powerful promise: Sell no seed that we wouldn’t be happy to plant on our own farm.

And now, to help you keep your own promises in a challenging farm economy, we offer Promise+ Rewards for your early order commitment:

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Growing enthusiasm
"From planting to harvest, I'm impressed with 76S92. This early emerging hybrid yielded over 200 bushels per acre on my farm. "
Michael Brandt, Moorhead, MN