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It’s all about growth. Yours.

How did we become the region’s largest independent seed company in just 20 years? By focusing on your growth, not ours. That takes a relentless push for innovation and technology. That takes a rigorous testing program of more than 20,000 plots. And, above all, that takes a passionate team of agronomists committed to do everything we can to help you STAND TALL.

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Carl Peterson talks about the Peterson Farms Seed difference.

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Use Technology Flags Wisely

When you look at a field of soybeans, can you tell if they’re Roundup Ready (RR), LibertyLink (LL), or conventional? No! Traits are impossible to identify by just looking at the crop. But, with industry standardization and your participation, trait identification will be much clearer … Read More


Control Weeds and Protect Yield with PRE’s

I travel our tri-state region a lot. In my travels last summer, I’ve got to tell you, I saw too many weed escapes. If we’re going to gain the upper hand in the fight against resistance, we must figure out how to manage these escapes. … Read More

Tough Beans
"They’ve withstood dry weather, high heat, even a small tornado…"
Dan Odegaard, Aneta, ND