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How did we become the region’s largest independent seed company in just 20 years? By focusing on your growth, not ours. That takes a relentless push for innovation and technology. That takes a rigorous testing program of more than 20,000 plots. And, above all, that takes a passionate team of agronomists committed to do everything we can to help you STAND TALL.

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Carl Peterson talks about the Peterson Farms Seed difference.

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Will My Crops Finish This Year?

We’re getting a lot of calls lately asking if the corn is going to finish. While I can’t predict when the first frost will come, there is some good university data available on staging and yield loss that can help you predict potential impact. Ideally … Read More

Your Field View Pre-Harvest Homework

Though the weather hasn’t been ideal for finishing crops, there is some important pre-harvest homework you can get done. If you’re using Climate Field View, now is the time to get set up to record accurate data once the combines are ready to roll. Field … Read More


Promise+ Rewards Is Back

Your commitment. Our thanks. Commit to an early order and we’ll thank you with Promise+ points redeemable for valuable merchandise.  Learn more or talk to your Peterson Farms Seed dealer today.

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"I'd never had a seed company call to follow up on a sale before. Peterson Farms Seed cares enough about my business to make that call. I planted 100 acres of 16R008 last year, and they were by far the best yielding beans I have ever raised on my farm."
Karson Schepp, Kramer, ND