2019 Soybeans Are in the Ground. What Will New Traits do for You?

In today’s “Conversations with Carl”, Carl Peterson, president of Peterson Farms Seed, talks about the new soybean traits being planted on our farm in preparation for next year’s growing season. View the video above or see below for a transcript.

Hi, I’m Carl Peterson from Peterson Farms Seed. It’s soybean planting time around the region and here on our farm as well. It’s always exciting to start a new season.  For us, this season is even more exciting than most because we will be planting two new soybean traits on our farm as well as three proven traits and even a few conventional!

Today, we are planting a field of LibertyLink GT27 19B04-that’s kind of a mouthful- but this is going to be a great variety in a mid-group zero. It’s got great phytophthora, good IDC and of course, most importantly, fantastic yields.

More to the point, this new platform stacks glyphosate and LibertyLink in one package and adds resistance to HPPD herbicides like Balance.  Now we don’t have any HPPD herbicides to spray directly on soybeans, but we do use HPPD products in our corn and we believe that, especially in dry years, we are seeing a little bit of carryover damage in our soybeans. This trait should help that. Best of all, it’s all brand new fantastic genetics.

So look for our LibertyLink GT27 lines in our GO plots and seed fields. You’re gonna want some and Peterson Farms Seed will be the leader in bringing this technology to farmers in this region.

We will also be planting a lot of Enlist beans this year.  We have been increasing seed of those the past four years and have great experience with the Enlist Duo 2,4-D herbicide as well as glyphosate and Liberty—we are excited to bring this trait to farmers. We just need Chinese approval.

And of course, Peterson Farms Seed has been this region’s LibertyLink leader for years, we will be growing some Xtend varieties as well and some Roundup Ready 2 yield varieties.

Check back with us as the season progresses, we will be talking about and showing how we are handling weed control with each of those technologies right here on our farm. 

On a personal note, 2018 marks the 100th crop my family has planted on this farm, so we are pretty excited about that as well.

 Stay tuned for more new trait update videos

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Carl Peterson, President CCA

Carl Peterson

Carl Peterson is proud to say, “I have lived in the same house my entire life and I’ve never had a job.” Which means, Carl grew up and still lives on the home place his grandfather purchased in 1918. And that, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, he has never had to go through an employment interview. Carl thrives on identifying and solving problems. His professional credentials include a BS in Ag Production from Iowa State; MS in Ag Econ from Purdue; MBA from Indiana University; and is CCA accredited. Carl reads voraciously and most weekends he can be found playing piano and singing on his church worship team. And as a master of trivia, he always seems to have a quirky come-back.

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