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360 COMMANDER Can Improve Your Farm’s Profitability


We believe the new technology being offered from 360 Yield Center can make a significant contribution to your profitability this coming year. The tools they have introduced allow you to maximize yields through three actions on your part – Sense, Decide, and Apply. We’re discussing each of these actions and tools this week.

Action: DECIDE

Once you have a sense of what is going on in the soil, how will you compile that data to make an informed decision?


360 COMMANDER optimizes inputs to maximize output by taking your farm’s information and integrating it with USDA soil records, current rainfall, and forecasted weather. With this information, 360 COMMANDER generates optimized seed, nitrogen and irrigation recommendations to help you decide what actions can improve yield. You can run a variety of scenarios on 360 COMMANDER to see how your decisions will impact yield and what will best fit your farm.

360 COMMANDER puts you in control, supplementing what you already know about your farm to help you make decisions and gain yield potential. You are the expert about your farm; 360 COMMANDER streamlines your decision-making process by capturing all of the information in one place. The more info you feed into 360 COMMANDER, the more accurate data you’ll receive.

In addition to 360 COMMANDER’s comprehensive insights, there are some cool things in development: economic advantage will provide insights into where you can save money; C & N modeling will enable you to input previous crop, harvest totals, and tillage information; monitoring when N is being immobilized or released; and the 360 COMMANDER app.

One of our favorite features of 360 COMMANDER is the ability to create variable rate Nitrogen maps and Nitrogen recommendations instantly to help you be more efficient.

Tune in tomorrow to learn about 360 Y-DROP’s revolutionary approach to nitrogen application.

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