Enlist E3™ Soybeans: Dead Weeds and Peace of Mind

Four years ago

We first planted Enlist E3™ soybean increases on our farm and sprayed Enlist Duo™ herbicide, along with our normal pre-emerge program, on those acres. We experienced no off-target movement while enjoying ease of application, and dead weeds.

Three years ago

We planted several larger increases of Enlist soybeans on our farm and used the Enlist herbicide system. We experienced improved agronomics, great yields, no off-target movement while enjoying ease of application, dead weeds, and peace of mind.

Enlist Duo

Enlist Duo Herbicide application swiftly kills Waterhemp

Two years ago

We planted numerous trials of Enlist soybeans, several larger increases of new varieties, and several production fields with a handful of seed growers.  We all experienced great field performance, improved agronomics, great yields and no off-target movement while enjoying ease of application, dead weeds, a wider application window, and peace of mind.

One year ago

Our production team sat down to contemplate our go-to-market strategy for Enlist soybeans. As always, one of the key points of discussion was the same as it has been every year:

“We will sell no seed that we wouldn’t be happy to plant on our own farm.”

And we are really happy to plant Peterson Farms Seed Enlist soybean varieties on our own farm. More than really happy.

So we took a leap of faith and produced a complete lineup and a large supply of Enlist soybeans for planting in 2019.

Why? Because we believe that for much of our territory, the Enlist system provides the simplest and most effective weed control system. Because we know that the genetics we are bringing forward carry the yields and agronomics you need on your farm. And because we are fully convinced that the needed final approvals will happen before spring planting.

We are proud to introduce the Peterson Farms Seed Enlist soybean lineup. Our varieties will cover any acre on your farm with IDC, Phytophthora resistance, SCN resistance and more – with the yields you need in these tough economic conditions. And a weed control system that is not only effective, but user friendly and easy to apply.

Don’t wait! See your Peterson Farms Seed dealer today to order the Enlist E3 soybeans you need for your farm.

Carl Peterson, President CCA

Carl Peterson

Carl Peterson is proud to say, “I have lived in the same house my entire life and I’ve never had a job.” Which means, Carl grew up and still lives on the home place his grandfather purchased in 1918. And that, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, he has never had to go through an employment interview. Carl thrives on identifying and solving problems. His professional credentials include a BS in Ag Production from Iowa State; MS in Ag Econ from Purdue; MBA from Indiana University; and is CCA accredited. Carl reads voraciously and most weekends he can be found playing piano and singing on his church worship team. And as a master of trivia, he always seems to have a quirky come-back.

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