Enlist E3™ Trait Fun Facts

You’ve likely heard the news by now: Enlist E3™ soybeans are fully approved for export to China and the Philippines. With 4 years of experience growing and testing these beans under our belt, we have quite a bit of insight to share when it comes to the Enlist system.

Today I’ll to tap into my background in soybean breeding and shed some light on what has us so excited for these new varieties.

Enlist E3 Trait Fun Facts

  • Breeding work for Enlist soybeans has been ongoing for nearly 20 years.
  • The formal name is Enlist E3 because of its tolerance to 3 post-emergence classes of herbicides:  2,4-D, Glufosinate and Glyphosate.
  • The E3 trait is inherited through something called a molecular stack.  It’s complicated, but it means all 3 herbicide traits are inherited together, much like a single gene.  This is a huge advantage versus other systems where each herbicide trait is inherited independently.
  • At every stage of yield testing the E3 varieties have been tested against the best lines on the market. That includes Xtend and RR2Y.

Now, we have heard some confusion in the market about the breeding of Enlist beans. Without going into too much detail, I’ve been breeding and testing E3 varieties for the last 8 years prior to arriving at Peterson Farms Seed.  I can assure you RR1 soybeans varieties have not been utilized as parents.

Enlist E3 Agronomics

Yield testing has occurred in our own backyard and our entire market footprint since 2011.  While the delays in overseas approvals have been frustrating, these delays have allowed breeders to incorporate extensive disease packages into most varieties. That means we have agronomics to fit most field conditions.

This system represents the future of weed control for our farmers and we couldn’t be happier to have 11 great varieties in our line-up .

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