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Fun with Flags: How to Protect Your Fields

When you look at a field of soybeans, can you tell if they’re Roundup Ready 2 Xtend (RR2X), LibertyLink (LL), or RR2Y? No! Traits are impossible to identify by just looking at the crop. But, with industry standardization, your participation, and use of technology flags, trait identification will be much clearer in the future.

The prevalence of LL soybeans and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and with other new traits in the pipeline have made the herbicide application process more complex. Despite these changes, one thing is certain – it’s still the applicator’s responsibility to be aware of the trait package on the neighboring crop in order to manage drift.

Awareness starts with “Flagging the Technology”. This solution, from the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Agricultural Industry, involves using specific colored technology flags with each soybean trait, making trait identification easy for farmers and reducing herbicide application errors. Read the full piece here.


  • Red flags signify conventional/non-herbicide resistant crops
  • Green indicates LibertyLink technology
  • Checkerboard signifies Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology

With new and upcoming herbicide traits, our acres will continue to become more diverse. Technology flags are not intended to mark drains or low spots in your field. I urge you to adopt “Flagging the Technology” and to follow the guidelines wisely. This strategy is integral to preventing herbicide misapplication.

Adam Spelhaug, Agronomy Lead CCA

Adam Spelhaug

As the agronomy manager, Adam Spelhaug works diligently to determine the best genetics for our region, bringing growers what they need in their fields. Adam has been making his mark on Peterson Farms Seed since 2005. When he’s not discovering genetic breakthroughs, Adam can be found spending time with his family, golfing or bowhunting. He’s a North Dakota State University alumnus, and he’s proud of it. Don’t take any UND green into his office.

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