Ole and Sven Field Research

… one of the PFS Field Day features

Peterson Farms Seed’s Groundbreaker Field Day is more than a walk around a plot with a hot dog in your hand. The lineup of educational opportunities and demonstrations are focused on helping you achieve success. This year’s event is themed after the wildly popular TV show Duck Dynasty, and you can be sure that we will have a blast!

Each year when we sit down to plan our Field Day, we make sure each exhibit and study meets at least one of three objectives:

  1. Research must help growers be more successful in growing corn and soybeans
  2. Demonstrations must be forward thinking, showcasing new technologies that will soon be in the farmer’s hands
  3. Fun! We should not take ourselves so seriously that we can’t have a little fun!

The PFS Ole and Sven studies, implemented in 2004, address agronomic questions facing all farmers. We chose Ole & Sven for the research plot name to highlight two divergent farming strategies: Ole invests in his crops to maximize yields, while Sven cuts corners and just gets by on his farm. These studies are conducted right here on our farm, in our soils, and in our conditions. The trials include Planting Date, Speed, Population, and Depth; and all are planted in 30” rows, 200 feet long. Tracking these trials year after year allows our research team to provide you with recommendations that are based on actual testing. New trials are added each year to study agronomic questions specific to our region.

We invite you to walk through the corn and soybean plots to examine the results of the Ole and Sven studies. Our goal is for you to take home at least one piece of information that will make you more successful when it is implemented on your farm. Year after year, we provide growers with a Field Day that is much “more than a free yardstick”.


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