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A Peterson Profile: Adam Spelhaug

Ask anyone who knows Adam Spelhaug to describe him in one word. What would you hear the majority of the time? Loyal… and possibly ‘sarcastic’ sprinkled in by his friends.


Since 2005, Agronomy Manager Adam has been the go-to guy when it comes to all things genetics and agronomy at Peterson Farms Seed. “Ask Adam” is something you’ll hear often around the office and for good reason: he knows his seed!  As you’ll see below, Adam has always taken great pride in bringing the best genetics to our region and makes each and every genetic decision with a specific regional placement in mind.

Adam realizes that farming has evolved from largely physical work to a more mentally-taxing task. Equipment and technology have made farming physically easier but as farms get bigger and production costs grow it becomes more of the mental stress that plays a bigger role. That mental stress is what Adam helps growers mitigate with every agronomic tip, solution, genetic choice, and product recommendation.


Nicole and Adam supporting the Bison during a Peterson Farms Seed tailgate.

You may know that Adam is a whiz when it comes to agronomy topics and that he cheers for the Bison every chance he gets, but there are a few things you might be surprised to learn about our resident seed expert. Take it away, Adam:

  1. I have been with Peterson Farms Seed since February of 2005 (nearly 12 years!).
  2. I was born in Fargo and called Kindred home after that. Go Vikings!
  3. When I’m not busy helping dealers and growers with any and all agronomic questions or driving the countryside on field visits, you can normally find me attending one of my kid’s activities, hunting and fishing, or spending time at the lake.
  4. Working with new genetics is a huge part of my role at Peterson Farms Seed. Helping place the new genetics on a customer’s farm is one of my favorite parts of the job.
  5. From my NDSU Agricultural Econ degree to the Master’s degree I’m finishing up through Iowa State, they say you never stop learning and that is definitely true in my case!
  6. Including my first job, I’ve been surrounded by farming and agriculture my whole life. From a young age, I helped my dad raise corn, soybeans, and cattle on our farm southwest of Kindred.
  7. While we’re on the topic, the person I admire the most is my dad. He has successfully managed our farm by himself from the time I was young, with a little help from my grandpa and I.
  8. Speaking of family: my family consists of my wife, Kindred School Board member and professional kid shuffler, Nicole, our twins Ava & Grant (11), Izaak (10), and Sydney (on the verge of 8). We also started fostering children last spring. Needless to say, we’re a busy bunch!
  9. The best thing about being in the seed business? Well, seed is the one input you cannot do without. There are big risks involved in placing the right genetics and I really like that aspect of the industry. Working firsthand with our genetic suppliers gives me a lot of responsibility in developing the best and most diverse set of hybrids and varieties that will work for our customers. I try to think about how and where each new line would fit in our territory and if it brings value to our customers.
  10. If you follow me on Twitter (@PFSAgronomyGuy) you know that besides ag-related information I tend to tweet about my favorite sports teams: The NDSU Bison and the San Diego Chargers any chance I get.
  11. As you can tell, I’m pretty proud of my kids. My wife and I get random people mentioning out of the blue that we have good kids when were are out to eat or in public. That’s a big compliment that confirms that we’ve raised our kids right… so far.
  12. Back when I was a kid, before I figured out that I wanted to be involved in the seed industry, I thought I’d be an Air Force pilot or a game warden when I grew up.

There you have it! We hope after reading a little bit more about a member of our team, you’ll see why we stand behind our quality and excellence in everything we do. Every member of our team holds themselves to the highest of standard, which projects our products into excellence as well.


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