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A Peterson Profile: John Ziegler

Loyal, hard-working, detailed, and on-top-of-everything (if that counts as a word) are all ways to describe our Operations Manager, John Ziegler.


Riding in one of our people movers at Field Day, John is all smiles as he rides towards a plant tour.

From start to finish, John has his stamp of excellence and assured quality over every kernel of corn and every soybean seed that goes through our operation. Because of his knowledge and high standards (lovingly described as perfectionism by his family), we know our customers can trust the quality of our seed as second-to-none.

Anyone who’s met John knows that he can answer just about anything you need to know about the day-to-day workings of our plant, warehouse, and trucking staff – but there may be a few things you’d be surprised to learn about him! For instance, not only is he committed to excellence while handling our Peterson Farms Seed products but also carries that same standard over to his impressive garden (he modestly describes himself as growing ‘pretty good tomatoes’…but we know better: they are amazing!).


John circa 2006!

Below are some more facts, straight from John, to help you get to know this important member of our team a little bit better. Take it away, John!

  1. I have been with Peterson Farms Seed since 1998 (18 years!).
  2. I was born in Fargo, grew up on a farm in Georgetown, MN and graduated from Moorhead High.
  3. Top Gun is my favorite movie. Even though I do not like to fly, I have always been fascinated with planes. You may also find me watching anything WWII related when I’m not busy with other projects.
  4. Having grown up on a farm, it still feels good to be a part of an agriculture business. As I drive home from work in the spring and summer and I see the Peterson Farms Seed signs marking fields it is a good feeling knowing that I was a part of making that happen.
  5. My proudest business accomplishment is being a part of the Peterson Farms Seed team and seeing how the company has grown since I joined it 18 years ago.
  6. When I’m not managing operations and overseeing our product handling system, I spend my time fishing, gardening and doing yard work. I like to fish Lake of the Woods any chance I get in the summer with the remainder of the season being spent keeping up in my garden.
  7. Even though it was called “Hippie Music” by my dad, my favorite music is 70’s rock. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, CCR, and the Rolling Stones are a few of my favorite bands.
  8. The most awe-inspiring sight I’ve seen was on a trip to Alaska with my in-laws. The wives wanted to do some whale watching but went shopping instead, so my brother-in-law took us guys out in his boat salmon fishing. We watched 8 – 10 humpback whales feeding and breaching not far from the boat. I had a video camera with and recorded it so luckily, the ladies were able to see it, but it was even more amazing in person!
  9. My first job was working for a neighbor farmer who lived 1/2 mile away. I worked after school and weekends until school let out for the summer. I worked for him for 5 years before I managed the farm for 20 years when his kids took over. My wife and I currently live on that same farm.
  10. I used to bleed purple and gold until they signed Favre. I have not watched a Vikings game since.
  11. My wife works in the Ag & Biosystems Engineering Department at NDSU. My oldest son is in law enforcement and my younger son and his wife work in the medical field. In my life, I’ve been most proud of my two sons. From start to finish, they were always good students and we never had to worry about them losing their focus or not applying themselves.
  12. My favorite type of technology is anything GPS related. It is amazing – whether you are driving and being told where to turn or using it to find your hot fishing spot on the lake, it’s the one piece of technology that I always want with me.

There you have it! We hope after reading a little bit more about a member of our team, you’ll see why we stand behind our quality and excellence in everything we do. Every member of our team holds themselves to the highest of standard, which projects our products into excellence as well.

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