Research Suggests Traits Do Not Provide Yield Advantage.

We have all heard the advertising from other companies. The ones claiming  Company A’s Roudup Ready 2 Xtend varieties out-yield competitors by 5.6 bushels or company B’s varieties out yield everyone’s varieties by 2.7 bushels and so on and so on.

Claims…but no actual data. That’s gotta leave you wondering what to really believe.

Peterson Farms Seed is the only company doing significant trait yield comparisons in our region which allows us to compare traits side-by-side and truly evaluate performance right here, where our customers farm. So let’s take a look at what we saw in this year’s trait comparison research.

The Data 

The comparisons below represent all our data across 12 replicated, small plot yield trial locations, evaluating 95 different varieties with almost 1,100 data points utilized from those locations. To further strengthen the data, I utilized some statistical modeling to equalize any maturity differences. (If you want to get down into the weeds, so to speak, on locations and data points, let me know.)

To read this data, you need to look at the main trait labeled with the bushel barrel.  This is the “base” herbicide trait. In the RR2Y example, our data tells us that the Peterson Farms Seeds RR2Y varieties out yield the Peterson Farms Seeds Xtend varieties by 2.93 bushels.  They also out yield the Competition Xtend varieties by 3.47 bushels on average.  This makes sense since the RR2Y varieties in our line-up are well proven, All-Stars.

We are also seeing the PFS LLGT 27 varieties performing very well, as they have a yield advantage to all herbicide traits except RR2Y.

2018 Trait Yields Comparisons (click to enlarge)

2018 replicated trait data trends

What Does It All Mean?

Despite claims of several trait providers claiming a significant yield advantage between traits, our data shows this just isn’t the case.

Other than RR2Y varieties, we see there is NOT a statistical yield difference between one herbicide trait versus another.  There IS a trend showing that our new LLGT 27 varieties are performing very well.

So, the take home message is, you can utilize any of our great soybean varieties that best fit your farm, whether you need a certain herbicide to control a tough weed, excellent IDC protection, protection against weed resistance or just the highest yielding varieties for your farm.

There’s a lot to unpack here so if you have any questions, give me a call or send an email. There’s nothing I love more than talking shop about trait performance and research!

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