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Your Field View Pre-Harvest Homework

Though the weather hasn’t been ideal for finishing crops, there is some important pre-harvest homework you can get done. If you’re using Climate Field View, now is the time to get set up to record accurate data once the combines are ready to roll.

Field View Pre-Harvest Checklist:

  1. Make sure your iPad’s software and cab app is updated to the latest version. This allows you access to the most recent features. You can also fix bugs and other issues found with previous versions.
  2. Double check your equipment is setup with the correct measurements for header width and style. This measurement is in inches and is a frequent issue when your acres are way off.
  3. Calibrate your combines in the first few loads of the season. This calibration will also help to make your numbers as accurate as possible.
  4. Contact me if you need additional drives or wiring harnesses. The correct hardware is key.

Here’s a handy pre-harvest reference sheet from our friends at Field View. Print this and bring it with you when you’re in the field this fall.

Not using Field View yet? Check out this article on how this system can increase your farm’s profitability.

You can always contact me with questions or issues that come up: or call me at (866) 481-7333.

Nolan Berg, Precision Systems Agronomist

Nolan Berg

If you say “jump”, Nolan Berg won’t just ask “how high”… he’ll show you. Nolan pole vaulted for NDSU’s track team (his personal best is 16’ 2”), and his drive and determination carry over into his ever-evolving position as Precision Systems Agronomist. With a master’s degree in Plant Sciences and tenure as track team captain, Nolan is a great fit to lead our precision ag activities, work with zone creation and UAV imagery, and assist with the seed increase program for new genetics. In his downtime, Nolan enjoys hunting, mountain biking, running, and photography.

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