January 7, 2013 | By: | Peterson Community

Get Smarter About Planting

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Peterson Farms Seed Announces Precision Planting Clinic We’ve done over 600 stand evaluations in regional corn fields over the past two years. What did we learn? That the biggest single step most corn growers can take to raise their yields is to improve the performance of their planter. That is why, Peterson Farms Seed is proud to announce its recent affiliation as a dealer for Precision Planting products and services. Precision Planting has distinguished itself as the preeminent source of add-on planter products, bringing exciting technology to crop planting. The Precision Planting dealership is based out of our Kindred office, with Ben Askegaard, Kindred Manager, leading the effort. Along with Ben, local PFS reps, Kasey Karlstad (Kindred), Kaelin Kyllo (Hunter), and Josh Tommerdahl (Prosper), have all been trained at Precision Planting headquarters in Tremont, IL. Here at Peterson Farms Seed, we’ve always been passionate about learning. From our Ole and Sven plots to our John McGIllicuddy Corn Clinics to our PLUS20 Agronomy Club, we’re always looking for new ways to impact the success of regional farmers. Our affiliation with Precision Planting followed several years of intensive stand evaluations – and our realization that planter performance can be improved drastically with new technology. These tools really open up a whole new world of understanding and analysis, allowing a farmer to plant with exacting performance. The planting process changes from an art to a science, as the operator is able to respond to what his monitor tells him. Peterson Farms Seed is hosting a Precision Planter Clinic to introduce these products. Here are the details: PFS Precision Planter Clinic Thursday, January 17 9am Registration 9:30 – 2:00 Meeting Clinic to be held at Peterson Farms Seed, Prosper No RSVP is required Please join Ben and company to learn more about how it pays to plant with Precision.

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