Our Difference

Testing best practices.

Great seed is one thing. But great seed plus great agronomy is truly the winning combination. In addition to its replicated product testing, Peterson Farms Seed also takes a hard look at critical agronomic variables like:

Planting date. Planting speed. Planting population. Planting depth. Seed treatments.

These aren’t one-time tests, either. These are recurring tests the Peterson Farms Seed agronomy team has been running every year since 2004. The result is a growing body of data that has been developed into best practices, which can help increase your yields.

With today's resistant weed issue, planting Peterson's LibertyLink beans is a no-brainer with their years of experience and testing, giving me the best variety selection for the highest yield possible on my ground. Their corn has been great as well. I have done split planter comparisons against the "big" company's hybrids and the Peterson corn has been the best yield the last 3 years. I like that Peterson Farms Seed is a regional company focusing on our area's needs, with great service and great people to work with.
Laudie Barr, Sargent County, ND