Ole & Sven Testing

We started our Ole & Sven plots in 2004. Our intent has always been to bring something more to area growers than just hybrid and variety yield data. We believe bringing valuable agronomic data to regional growers is part of our mission — we want to help you raise better crops. We chose Ole & Sven for the research plot name to highlight two divergent farming strategies. Ole invests in his crops to maximize yields, while Sven cuts corners and just gets by on his farm.

In our corn and soybean research, our main, recurring tests include Planting Date, Speed, Population, and Depth. All studies are done in 30" rows, 200' long. We also add new studies every year, depending on what we see as valuable to growers in our region. While this is side-by-side data, tracking the same trials over a period of years will result in a trend.

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