Yield Comparisons


Every year is unique in terms of weather and environmental pressure. That is why it is vitally important to use as much data as possible when selecting specific products for your farm. This data incorporates many locations and multiple years when available. And it is all replicated.

How can you use this data to choose products for your farm? Don't pick the highest yielder in a single plot. Choose products with consistent performance in a wide range of locations rather than those that are the highest yielders in the plot closest to your farm. Next year's growing conditions will be different from this year. That's where overall performance and consistency come in…select products that do well in a wide range of locations.

Peterson Farms Seed's replicated testing program is the backbone of our product advancement system. Our growth as a company is a testimony to its validity and success. No regional seed company does more research than our company.

Thank you for considering Peterson Farms Seed. We truly are committed to earning and keeping your business.

Carl Peterson, President