What Is Plus20?

When it comes to managing your corn for more yield, the most glaring problem is ‘where do I begin?’ The variables are many – temperature, planting depth, planting population, fertilizer timing, fertilizer application, sunlight, wind, nutrients, rainfall ... the list just goes on and on. And many of those variables are out of human control. So where does a person begin?

The mission of the Plus20 Corn Agronomy Club is to offer educational and agronomic assistance to growers who are interested in improving their corn yields by 20 bushels. Plus20 features two tracks: My Plus20 and Plus20 Elite

My Plus20 and Plus20 Elite Membership:

  • Minimum purchase = 200 units PFS corn or plant 100% of corn acres to PFS corn
  • Invitation to Peterson University on March 10, 11 & 12, 2015 at no charge 
  • 1 corn stand evaluation on your farm

With Plus20 Elite Status:

To Be Announced