Your region’s LibertyLink® Leader.

Liberty LinkThere’s a good reason Peterson Farms Seed has become the region’s LibertyLink soybean leader: We’ve been growing them since 2006. The LibertyLink system not only provides excellent control of Roundup-resistant weeds, but, even more importantly, delivers high yields.


Matt Ness shares his experience growing LibertyLink soybeans.

Tim Richman shares his experience growing LibertyLink soybeans near Tower City, ND.

Waterhemp in Meeker County, MN

Water Hemp in Meeker County, MN before and after

Waterhemp in Ransom County, ND

Water Hemp in Ransom County, MN before and after


I planted Peterson for the first time this year, deciding to try one of their RR2 Xtend beans. I was very pleased with how they did overall. Even on high, dry sand, they impressed me. I have neighbors and friends that have been planting Peterson and are very happy so I wanted to find out for myself, on my ground. I will definitely be planting more next year. They are a regional company focusing on our local needs with a lot of testing. I've met a few of the employees and even the owner. I came away with a lot of positives on their philosophy of doing business the right way for the right reasons.
Paul Roney, Oakes, ND