Work Smarter.

[pullquote]We’ll need to use all of the tools we have in order to manage weed resistance. – Carl Peterson[/pullquote]

Weed resistance has exploded at alarming rates in our region. With no new modes of action in the pipeline to fight resistance, farmers will need to work smarter — adapting management strategies to get ahead of yield-robbing resistance.


Finding a Solution.

As an independent company, we work with multiple trait providers to provide the right solutions for our region’s farmers. We’re proud to be the LibertyLink Leader in this region. We’re also excited to be positioned as the Xtend Xperts. And when Enlist soybeans come to market, we’ll be ready to supply you with the tools you need to manage weed resistance.


Watch as weed resistance spreads throughout the region.


We custom harvest a lot of different varieties of soybeans and you can tell the difference in Peterson Farms Seed.  Areas that had straight line winds they had a great stand versus other brands that were 80% broken down and difficult to harvest. Hands down Peterson Farms Seed has better quality.
Jim & Darcy Erickson - Erickson Custom Operations, Colgate, ND