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3 Ways 360 Yield Center Can Improve Your Farm’s Profitability


Sense, Decide, Apply.

At Peterson Farms Seed, everything we do focuses on helping the farmers in our region be more successful. That is why we have partnered with 360 Yield Center.

360 Yield Center is a new venture from Precision Planting founder Gregg Sauder. After nearly two decades of refining planters to achieve perfect seed placement, Gregg sold Precision Planting to Monsanto in 2012. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to revolutionize agriculture.

Gregg farms in Illinois and is continually working toward improving yields on his own farm and now offering some of these concepts nationwide. 360 Yield Center is all about identifying the factors that limit yield potential and then giving farmers the in-season tools and technologies to allow them to take control of yields. And taking control of yields means thinking differently about the basics: nitrogen and water management, pesticide application, and tillage practices.

360 Yield Center accomplishes this through three actions–Sense, Decide, and Apply–and offers products for each action.

  • Sense yield-limiting variables in your field with 360 SOILSCAN; a portable lab system that processes soil samples on the go;
  • Decide the optimal response to those variables utilizing 360 COMMANDER software, integrating your farm information with USDA soil records; and
  • Apply those decisions when and where you need them the most with 360 Y-DROP, a sprayer attachment allowing late season Nitrogen application, regardless of crop height.

When Sense, Decide, and Apply work together, we can direct the right resources to the right place at the right time. It’s fascinating to see the collaboration between these tools.

We are confident that 360 Yield Center products will make you money in the years ahead. That is why we’re completely on board–we have been trained on each of these products at Morton, IL, headquarters. You can count on us to be your 360 Yield Center experts.

Throughout the week, we will share information about each of these tools. Stay tuned to learn more.

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