John McGillicuddy on Peterson University

Last week, I was in Fargo to speak to a terrific group of Peterson Farms Seed corn growers. They are all participants in their Plus20 Agronomy Club – which means they are all interested in learning and experimenting with new ways to grow more corn.

Through the Plus20 program, they will each be implementing some strip tests incorporating new practices and/or enhancements to their fertility program on their individual farms. It was a great trip. Three days of Peterson University discussing potassium management and how to actually profit from micronutrients. These guys are great farmers – so all three days were filled with interesting discussion as we looked at the issues on heavy soil all the way to sandy soil. Visiting with ND growers is always mentally stimulating and I return home with some new ways to approach production.

I’ll be returning to ND this week to speak on Wednesday at a Land Improvement Seminar in Buxton, sponsored by Agassiz Drain Tile. It includes information on everything from land values to drainage. It should be fun.

John McGillicuddy MC Agronomics – Iowa City, Iowa

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