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Press Release: Enlist E3™ soybeans receive approval by Philippines. Peterson Farms Seed now taking orders for 11 varieties.

Enlist E3™ soybeans have overcome the final hurdle in full commercialization with the approval this week by the Philippine government for import. With this news, Peterson Farms Seed is announcing a full lineup of Enlist E3™ soybeans now available for order for 2019 planting. There are 11 new Peterson Farms Seed Enlist E3 soybean varieties this season, each selected and tested to perform in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Peterson Farms Seed has been taking reservations for the past several weeks in anticipation of full export approval. The news from the Philippines marks a huge milestone for farmers who can now officially order the product for planting this spring.

Carl Peterson, President, says, “We have been growing Enlist soybeans on our farm for years and have had great results. In anticipation of commercialization approvals we grew a substantial supply of Enlist E3 soybeans last summer. We are ready to help farmers find the best fit for their farm so they too can experience this great system.”

This much anticipated product offering represents years of research and extensive testing conducted in local soils by Peterson Farms Seed’s research department.

In Peterson Farms Seeds’ test plots, the Enlist soybeans had excellent yield, with great weed control and low volatility in herbicide application. Peterson Farms Seed Agronomy Manager Adam Spelhaug likes that Enlist E3 soybeans provide a new choice for customers, noting, “This is the technology the farmers need for weed control. They really need another option to help manage weeds.” Spelhaug continued, “We like offering diversity and trying to find new things. I think adding more modes of action to what farmers can apply to their fields is going to be important.”

Peterson Farms Seed is an independent company focused totally on helping customers raise their yields. “We always want to be on the front side of technology and the Enlist weed control system represents the next evolution in battling hard to control weeds,” Peterson said.

Though delays in oversees approval have been frustrating for growers, there is a silver lining. “Because of the time it’s taken for approvals, breeders have been able to incorporate extensive disease packages into most varieties.” Research Director Dennis Schultze says, “I’ve been breeding and testing E3 varieties for the last 8 years prior to arriving at Peterson Farms Seed and can tell you we have the agronomics to fit most field conditions.”

Peterson Farms Seed has Enlist E3 soybeans in stock and ready for sale with maturities ranging from Group 00 to Mid-Group 2. Farmers looking to learn more should contact their local Peterson Farms Seed dealer or visit for more information.

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