Our Difference

Interested in seeing our products in action near you?

This growing season you’re able to touch and feel Peterson Farms Seed products in more locations than ever.

In addition to our 34 Replicated Testing Plots, we’ve planted over 160 Grower Observation (GO) Plots across Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. We invite you to walk the dirt rows and discover how Peterson products are performing in your neighborhood.

If you have questions about our Replicated Testing or GO Plots or to find out what is planted in each plot, please give us a call at 701-282-7476.



I love this trait. It smoked the ragweed we’ve struggled with. I liked that we were able to spray these beans later. That made it super effective. There are so many options when it comes to using the chemical. I'm excited about all of the dimensions that opens up.
Zach Green - Newfolden, MN