Our Difference


Promise+ Rewards

It all started with a simple but powerful promise: Sell no seed that we wouldn’t be happy to plant on our own farm.

And now, to help you keep your own promises in a challenging farm economy, we offer Promise+ Rewards for your early order commitment:

  • Promise+ Points redeemable for valuable products.
  • Promise+ 0% financing and rebates offering flexible payment options.


When you commit to a Peterson Farms Seed early order, we commit to providing you with savings and rewards.

It all starts with a commitment:

  • You make a commitment to purchase a minimum of $25,000 of Peterson Farms Seed between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2017.

In return, we reward you with Promise+ Points, whether you:

  • Pay with cash, and earn cash discounts OR
  • Use our 0% financing option and receive an immediate cash rebate.

You’ll earn Promise+ Points, redeemable for valuable merchandise, with either option.

See your dealer for reward catalog.


Payment Options

Two options are available for early commitments – each with its own rewards.

  • With a cash payment, you’ll receive Promise+ Points plus a discount based on payment date. Check with your dealer for cash discount schedule.
  • With 0% financing, you won’t pay interest until Jan. 15, 2019. Plus, you’ll receive both Promise+ Points and an immediate cash rebate.

Any order cancelled after the November 30 deadline is subject to a 7% cancellation fee.

After trying Peterson Farms Seed for 2 years, I now plant all my acres with Peterson because they know how to treat customers right.
Dave Goebel, Freeport, MN