Our Difference


Promise+ Rewards

It all started with a simple but powerful promise: Sell no seed that we wouldn’t be happy to plant on our own farm.

And now, to help you keep your own promises in a challenging farm economy, we offer Promise+ Rewards for your early order commitment:

  • Promise+ Points redeemable for valuable products.
  • Promise+ 0% financing and rebates offering flexible payment options.


When you commit to a Peterson Farms Seed early order, we commit to providing you with savings and rewards.

It all starts with a commitment:

  • You make a commitment to purchase a minimum of $25,000 of Peterson Farms Seed between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2017.

In return, we reward you with Promise+ Points, whether you:

  • Pay with cash, and earn cash discounts OR
  • Use our 0% financing option and receive an immediate cash rebate.

You’ll earn Promise+ Points, redeemable for valuable merchandise, with either option.

See your dealer for reward catalog.


Payment Options

Two options are available for early commitments – each with its own rewards.

  • With a cash payment, you’ll receive Promise+ Points plus a discount based on payment date. Check with your dealer for cash discount schedule.
  • With 0% financing, you won’t pay interest until Jan. 15, 2019. Plus, you’ll receive both Promise+ Points and an immediate cash rebate.

Any order cancelled after the November 30 deadline is subject to a 7% cancellation fee.

Peterson Farms Seed LibertyLink soybeans performed awesome on our farm. We saw great weed control in our troublesome fields this summer and excellent yields this fall. We will be buying more Peterson soybeans.
Ryan McIntyre, Winfred, SD