Our Difference

Tested three times for maximum yields.

It’s not just that we test more than any other independent seed company in our region. It’s that we test again and again and again. It’s called “replicated testing,” and it’s a much more accurate and meaningful way to test seed.

Providing the ground is good, any seed can do well in a traditional strip plot. Problem is, ground can vary – even in the same field. And, so, to minimize that variation, we do replicated testing. And lots of it. The result is the most accurate data to use to select the best seed.

See how agronomic testing helps you maximize yields.

We've had issues with Goss's wilt coming into our area these last couple of years so we wanted to plant some hybrids with good resistance. It's clear that 72A91 is phenomenal on Goss's because it's been very hard to find even a trace of it when walking through fields this summer/fall. It looks like it's going to yield very well too!
Kevin Kyllo, Galesburg, ND