LibertyLink GT27™ Weed Control System


Protect your fields from yield-robbing weeds.


At Peterson Farms Seed we are the leader in your fight against resistant weeds. To be effective you need choice and that’s exactly what we bring.

We’re excited to have a full line-up of the newly approved LibertyLink GT27™ soybeans in our toolbox– varieties we’ve been testing on regional soils since 2017. With this new trait, farmers struggling with difficult to control and glyphosate resistant weeds in our region will have yet another option.

“We are really excited to have LibertyLink GT27™ varieties in our product line up and to provide farmers with an effective, and safe, tool for weed control.” Carl Peterson, Peterson Farms Seed president


The LLGT27™ system offers control on these regional weeds:

  • Canada thistle
  • Common lambsquarter
  • Common and giant ragweed
  • Eastern black nightshade
  • Kochia
  • Marestail
  • Velvetleaf
  • Waterhemp


Key benefits of the LibertyLink® GT27™ system:

  • Use both Liberty and glyphosate herbicides– giving you more options to manage post emergence weed control in-season.
  • Non-volatile chemistries with fewer restrictions for more flexible and effective weed control.
  • Tolerant to a new HPPD/Group 27 mode of action for soybeans*, pending EPA approval.


*There is currently no HPPD/Group 27 mode of action for soybeans registered for sale or use in the United States.

In 2018, over half of our soybean acres were Enlist. We were very happy with the program. The fields were extremely clean at harvest and we’ve been battling round up resistant waterhemp and ragweed for 5 years now. Also, there were no issues with off target application. The Enlists yielded right with our Liberty’s. We are planning to have more in 2019.
Brent Rust - Harwood, ND